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Equipment for Thermal Engineering Laboratory

  • Engine Test Rigs

  • Steam Turbine Test Rig

  • Wind tunnel

  • Compressor, Blower, Fan Test Rigs

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Test Rigs
Engine Test rigs

1. Diesel engine test rig: 4 - stroke - Single cylinder, Twin cylinder or Four cylinder engines (water cooled)

For load test SFC, Air-fuel ratio, volumetric efficiency, and heat balance test.

For Retardation test – slow speed engine

2. Petrol engine test rigs: 4-stroke - single cylinder (air cooled) , four cylinder – automobile (water cooled).

For load test, SFC, Air-fuel ratio, volumetric efficiency, heat balance test and Morse test (1 –cyl air cooled engine only load test and SFC tests)

Engine test rigs are provided with the following accessories:

  • Air intake measurement

  • Fuel measuring arrangement

  • Cooling water arrangement (for water cooled engines)

  • Temperature measuring arrangement

  • Exhaust gas calorimeter

  • Loading arrangement : Mechanical (brake drum) or Electrical (alternator) or Hydraulic dynamometer

Experimental Steam Turbine Test Rig (De Laval type impulse turbine test rigs)

  • Steam turbine is De Laval type single stage impulse turbine suitable for use with Non IBR boilers.

  • The turbines are available in two sizes, 1.0KW output that require 400kg/hr boilers and 3.7KW output that require 600kg/hr boilers.

  • The turbines are provided with electrical loading to absorb the power produced.

  • Test rigs are fully instrumented for laboratory experimental purposes to conduct performance tests.

  • Separating and throttling calorimeter, condenser assembly, suitable piping, control valve and necessary instrumentation (thermocouples, tachometer, pressure gauges to measure steam conditions) are provided to conduct tests.

Open circuit wind tunnel - (Test section 30cmx30cm, velocity – 30m/sec) expts.

Single stage/Two stage air compressor test rig

Centrifugal blower test rig

       Optional - Motors with VFD (variable frequency drive) to perform fan laws verification expts.

Axial flow fan test rig

Refrigeration and Air conditioning test rigs
  • Experimental refrigeration Test Rig

  • Experimental air conditioning test Rig with optional heat pump facility
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