Manufacturers of Equipments for

Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics
Manufacturers of Equipments for Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics

Fluid Machinery - Pump test rigs
Centrifugal pump
Centrifugal pump computerised
Gear pump
Reciprocating pump
Fluid Machinery - Turbine test rigs
Pelton wheel turbine – 1 KW
Pelton wheel turbine 3.7KW
Francis turbine – 1 KW
Francis turbine – 1 KW Electrical loading - computerised
Francis turbine – 3.7 KW
Kaplan turbine – 1 KW
Kaplan turbine – 3.7KW
Turbo Wheel impulse turbine – 1KW – Electrical loading
Fluid Mechanics
Bernoulli’s Apparatus
Cavitation test rig
Tilting flume (4m)
Jet on vane apparatus
Major and minor losses apparatus
Metacentric height apparatus
Notches apparatus
Orifice and mouthpieces apparatus
Pitot tube apparatus
Venturimeter, orificemeter, rotameter calibration apparatus
Venturimeter, orificemeter calibration apparatus
Thermal Engineering Lab – Engine test rigs
Single cylinder, 4-stroke, diesel engine with hydraulic dynamometer
Four cylinder, 4-stroke, petrol engine with hydraulic dynamometer
Thermal Engineering Lab
Steam turbine test rig 1
Steam turbine test rig 2
Open circuit wind tunnel
Axial flow fan test rig
Cascade wind tunnel
Refrigeration test rig
Air conditioning test rig
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